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1.0α (1.0.3388.38167)

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Released: Apr 11, 2009
Updated: Apr 17, 2009 by danmargo
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Release Notes

Release Notes

This release implements the following functionality:
  • Synchronous <script> load blocking in NavigateComplete2 event (before onload fires)
  • Asynchronous img/frame/iframe/object/a blocking in DocumentComplete
  • .NET regex black- and white-listing for source URIs


  • .NET 3.5

Tested on:

  • IE8 on Windows 7, x86 and amd64

How to install:

Download the installer MSI and run it. The blacklist is provided for reference only and need not be downloaded (it ships with the MSI). After installation, there will be no indication in Internet Explorer that Adblock is loaded, other than an entry for it in the "Manage Add-Ons" pane (under the Tools menu). To test, reopen IE and visit a site with a lot of ads (e.g. You may see the ads for a moment before they vanish; this is because AdblockIE runs asynchronously from the main IE browser window so as not to slow down page load times.


The rules are loaded from blacklist.xml in the Adblock install directory. Block rules can be written as: <rule action="block">pattern</rule> Whitelist rules can be written as: <rule action="pass">pattern</rule> If no "action" attribute is present, the rule is assumd to be a block rule.

Whitelist rules take precedence over blacklist rules.

The easiest way to add new rules is to open the IE Developer Tools (under the Tools menu, or via F12), choose "Find > Select Element By Click", and click on the ad on the page you wish to block. The Developer Tools window will highlight that element's source in the HTML source pane, and you can use that to construct a new pattern to add to blacklist.xml. (In a future release, I may add a GUI to do this, but it's not a high priority for me.)

One known limitation of Adblock is that some ads--primarily those on fancy AJAX-y webpages like Gmail--are loaded at some later point after the document is complete and don't fire a DocumentComplete event, so never get filtered. I'm looking into this.

Also, because of a bug (?) in IE, DocumentComplete never fires on manual page refreshes (i.e., F5), so if you want to reload a page unfiltered, just hit F5. On the other hand, if you wanted to reload the page and still filter, you're SOL.


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