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GUI for adding/editing rules


It looks like if I implement IHTMLEditDesigner, I can get mouse events from the DOM (i.e., find out what element was clicked). That would make it easy to mimic the Developer Tools interface in terms of clicking a DOM element and choosing to create a rule from it (like Adblock does in Firefox).
1) Intercept click events on DOM objects
2) Add context menu entry ("new adblockie rule")
3) Pop up modal window for editing the rule (text field for the rule expression, and a radio button for black/whitelist)
4) User blacklist to augment the installed one. Since the BHO runs low-rights (when protected mode is on), we can't edit the blacklist.xml that's installed in %ProgramFiles% directly
Note that item 3 (the GUI look) is dependent upon my not changing the rule format, which I'm tempted to do.
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AlexBar wrote Jun 2, 2009 at 10:06 PM

Look at SpicIE project and, seems it contains functionality that you need.

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