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Implement NoScript-style JavaScript blocking


AdblockIE already has the ability to filter JavaScript (and Flash and ActiveX). What makes NoScript interesting is the whitelisting approach--that, by default, even on-site scripts are blocked. In order to make this usable, you need a good simple UI for quickly enabling scripts, however, so I should first sort out the rule editor GUI issue.
Another likely prerequisite for this is dealing with the refresh/DocumentComplete bug. If hitting refresh loads all the scripts, then it would be a fairly useless feature from a security perspective.
But excepting those two (manageable) hurdles, I envision a configuration option to turn on "default script blocking" and a small UI element to enable blocked scripts for the session or permanently.
By default, in keeping with the primary goal of ad blocking, I would probably leave this feature off and only block scripts from blacklisted domains.
Closed Mar 10, 2015 at 4:47 PM by AdblockPlus